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Apartment Access Control Solution

Apartment access control system is more and more modern instead of the traditional physical access control technology. It is widely used for special facility doors in condominiums, such as tennis court door, function room door, gym, health spa., etc.

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Campus & School  Solutions(1)

Campus & School Solutions

Campus management is more complex than ever before. A physical campus needs to manage a variety of elements like classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, dormitories, recreational facilities and school canteen or cafeteria equipped with new technologies for personal identification, access control, membership management and cashless payment.

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turnstile access control

Turnstile Access Control Solution

CT9 PRO also provides agile smart remote management solutions for self-service visitor registration, cashless payment and ticket check etc for a seamless and convenient experience.

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facility control

IoT & Facility Control

CT9 PRO is smart IoT access control terminal with relay control to interface a machine and enable only authorized staff to operate the machine in a workshop environment.

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Sport Court management

Sport Court

CT9 PRO is All-IN-ONE new sport court automat terminal for court reservation, access control, light control, rental and vending. CT9 PRO as a controller with integrated 4G, WiFi and TCP/IP connectivity to cloud-based back-end to get all the data synchronize and commands control.

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appointment booking

Fitness & Gym, function room reservation

CT9 PRO is intelligent All-IN-ONE reliable door access control terminal with programmable Linux software and SDK for the third party software integration, ideal for server centralized access control management, visitor management, appointment booking and function room reservation solutions.

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door access system  time attendance for enterprise

Enterprices & Office

Time attendance & workforce is to manage user archives, labor tracking, physical access, daily access & attendance recording, outside duty & business, etc. to increase workforce productivity and reduce administrative burden and operation costs by avoiding of resources waste in, over-staffing, and inefficient manual work and improve relation with labor using accurate and trust-able method of overtime work data management.

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access control security system for self storage

Self-storage & Rent cabinet facilities

Nowadays, Self-storage cabinets industry requests a intelligent, secure and reliable storage solution, enables enterprises efficient management, for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Self-storage access control system supports multiple flexible credentials to improve access, and offer storage hobby stored to their belongings for access at 24/7 hours worry-free. Civintec provides cloud-based access control terminal for self-storage solution. With TCP/IP, WiFi and 4G, it’s ideal for server communication and synchronize user information and potentially adjust access storage time slots. SDK is always offered to integrate with third-party software, and seamlessly work with external devices to build storage IoT solution, and help storage business manage gate entry, collect payment, and improve security without staff on site to boost self-storage business growth.

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CIVINTEC QR Code Access Control Solution

CIVINTEC QR Code access control devices from wiegand/OSDP QR code reader to IP access control terminal give easy access by scanning QR code ideal for touch free visitor access control management.

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