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Self-storage & Rent cabinet facilities

Self-storage cabinets industry requests a intelligent, secure and reliable storage solution, enables enterprises efficient management, for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Nowadays, Self-storage cabinets industry requests an intelligent, secure and reliable storage solution, enables enterprises efficient management, for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Self-storage access control system supports multiple flexible credentials to improve access and offer storage hobby stored to their belongings for access at 24/7 hours worry-free. Civintec provides cloud-based access control terminal for self-storage solution. With TCP/IP, WiFi and 4G, it’s ideal for server communication and synchronize user information and potentially adjust access storage time slots. SDK is always offered to integrate with third-party software, and seamlessly work with external devices to build storage IoT solution and help storage business manage gate entry, collect payment, and improve security without staff on-site to boost self-storage business growth. 

PLC controller & Server remote control self-storage cabinet

To build self-storage facilities control system, CT9 PRO supports two modes of system building. The first mode is to work with PLC controller directly. CT9 Pro supports HTTP/HTTPs communication protocol to work with PLC controller controls self-storage cabinet. PLC can manage multiple CT9 Pro devices. When customer visit and present his smartphone, CT9 Pro reads the mobile code from user's mobile app and send to PLC controller via HTTP command. PLC controller judges the user authorization and control the storage door lock

self-storage cabinet solution


The second mode is to control and work with server remotely. CT9 Pro supports HTTP/HTTPs protocol to communicate to cloud server for identification and remote control in real time by connecting Wifi, 4G or Ethernet. For valid ID, the cloud host will send command to CT9 Pro to control and open storage cabinet door.

Multiple Credential Technologies

According to the user's self-storage habits, We provide smart terminal to offer a flexible solution to make user easily to open the electronic locks of the client's storage doors. CT9 Pro is a TCP access control terminal, that supports multiple secure identification technologies such as mobile BLE credentials, QR codes, touch pin pads, NFC mobile credentials, and RFID options to request real-time opening authorization to improve the access and open the electronic locks of the user storage doors at any time and anywhere. Smart access control system are more secure than mechanical key systems because they are based on unique physical characteristics that cannot be easily copied or stolen. Cloud-based access control is more flexible. if a renter forgets their access code or loses their key, a cloud-based system can quickly generate a new dynamic code for renter fast to access without staff being there.

· RFID communication (13.56MHz &125KHz) for card configuration and card login

· NFC & BLE mobile credential by using personal mobile app 

· QR code and Bar code displayed on phone or printed on paper & badge

· Fixed or dynamic PIN code fixed or dynamic pincode for staff and visitors.


Wire & Wireless Communication

In a self-storage place without network environment conditions, CT9 Pro features as 4G, WiFi wireless & wire TCP/IP Ethernet Port with POE to communication for flexible and save cost installation. CT9 Pro supports HTTP/HTTPS protocol to identify its validity for cloud-based system to control access in real-time. For valid ID, the cloud host will send a command to the CT9 Pro to open the storage cabinet door, and send a command to CT9 Pro to display a real-time image or TEXT to provide a clear visible display to visitors, as access granted or denied.


Real-Time synchronization

Self-storage owners want to know about all activities occurring within their storage units allows staff to maintain overall control and security. CT9 Pro supports 2 working mode, online mode and offline mode. In any situation without internet, CT9 Pro has local memory to store ten thousand IDs for identification under offline mode. CT9 features storage function uploads the visitor information real-time synchronization date cloud by https protocol, Our self-storage security solutions will enable administrator to view real-time activity, and users can quickly grant access or without needing to be physically present or transfer physical keys, and saves time, improve efficiency.


Self-Storage Service

For self-storage facilities that use mobile apps QR code credentials to process automatic cashless payments for the customer to access the main gate/barrier, and open the electronic locks of the client's storage doors. Cloud-based server centralized remote access control system with real-time data synchronization. CT9 Pro integrates seamlessly into the third-party software by SDK to work with alarm, light and external devices to build all-in-one self-storage facilities IoT solution that provide renter with worry-free 24/7 access to their belongings. In cases when renter is past due, the technology also enables staff to quickly revoke storage access and improve the utilization of rent cabinets.


UV Resistance Installation

Self-storage cabinet is located outdoors in long time strong UV-ray environment, CT9 Pro with UV resistance and IP65 waterproof feature, we use special material on its touch screen display to well against strong UV-ray ideal for customer requirements of both indoor and outdoor installations.

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