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Time attendance & workforce is to manage user archives, labor tracking, physical access, daily access & attendance recording, outside duty & business, etc. to increase workforce productivity.


CT9 Pro is All-IN-ONE wireless smart online time attendance & access control terminal with all the wonderful features to meet your cloud server centralized HR labor attendance management for enterprise and office, real-time staff working time track to calculate workers' useful time and payroll solution integration by using SDK and API. 

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Multiple Credential Technologies

CT9 Pro keyless office entry system supports 5-in-1 multiple identification technologies to issue new access credential in the most cost effective and easy way, ideal to manage attendance for both of contracted laborer and casual laborer with long-term effective credential card or temporary digital credential with valid date and times issued over the air. 

· RFID dual frequency 125KHz & 13.56MHz Mifare® Classic, DESFire® EV1/EV2 smart cards

· NFC & BLE mobile credential by using personal mobile phone

· QR code and Bar code displayed on phone or printed on paper & badge

· Fixed or dynamic pin code fixed or dynamic pincode for staff and visitors. 

Multiple Credential Technologies

Access Control & Time Attendance

CT9 Pro keyless office entry system verifies staff and workers by using  RFID card or mobile credential to check the permissions. With relay output and two inputs (door contact, door exit), it controls electronic lock, turnstile even for machine and bus to give access to work. 

CT9 Pro can be used for door opening solutions, and also intelligent time attendance to track and calculate workers' useful time. It is intuitive for staff and worker to read the necessary information on 3.5” touch screen, as ACCESS GRANTED, ACCESS DENIED, identified staff’s name with real time clock, and work starting- ending time. It’s also available to modify reader screen displayable information and customize attendance function key on the smart terminal. CT9 Pro is ideal for cloud server remote control

to send HTTP commands in real time to display image with TEXT to provide numerically and graphically to see working time which offers flexible customization for your innovative time attendance solution. 


Wire & Wireless Communication

CT9 Pro as a controller terminal with TCP/IP connectivity and integrated PoE together with RJ45 port at the back of reader for wall-mount for less wiring and cost-effective installation. CT9 Pro 4G version also provides wireless communication and flexible installation, and do not require network infrastructure on site. You will have a bio-direction communication between CT9 Pro and your server to get all the data synchronize and remotely control access and time attendance management. 

Weather-resistant Protection

Civintec time attendance devices are designed with IP65 waterproof and resistant to UV and weathering, ideal for outdoor use, ultra-low temperature and various kinds of harsh usage environments.

Weather-resistant Protection

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