New Function Upgrade for CT9 PRO

CT9 PRO series is wireless HTTP smart IoT access control terminal to manage and control electric lock, light or facility and remotely controlled by central server in real time. We upgrade on the new models of CT9 PRO with 2 relay outputs.

For ticket checking applications, CT9 PRO unlock flap or tripod turnstile and also has additional signalization to turn on a control lamp if reduced ticket for child is going in. At the same time, it’s fully controlled by server to remotely control CT9 PRO display the specific background image to guide visitor.

To manage public spaces, CT9 PRO is smart access control terminal to control access to any space. After reservations, CT9 PRO relay 1 is activated to open door or access gate to a tennis or paddle court, relay 2 is activated to open the light for 2 hours.

We’re your technology partner to provide a customizable CT9 PRO hardware platform to meet almost all your types of access control system and 100% integrate into your cloud management systems.

sport Court

3.5" LCD touch screen design 2 relay outputs Smart access control terminal wireless HTTP

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