Civintec uTouch allows partners to create bespoke solutions


Civintec Global has launched the new uTouch intelligent terminal and controller with Android 5.1 and Linux OS that provides more flexibility for its software partners to extend advance functions for abundant solutions and applications all over the world.

Civintec has introduced its Software Partner Program to cooperate with their global software partners to develop the Android 5.1 uTouch terminal for versatile innovative solutions.  Ms. Yan Wang, Marketing Manager of Civintec Global, indicates, "This programme has been significantly successful.  This allows us to deeply work with our software partners globally and extend abundant functions into the uTouch for their own solutions and bespoke projects."

The new generation Android 5.1 uTouch terminal, with biometric, 125KHz & 13.56MHz smart card and NFC/BT mobile key and wire/wireless communication, aims to build a powerful network controller to be ideal for general purpose applications from access control, daily attendance, workforce to loyalty member management.

As it is embedded with Android 5.1 or Linux OS, uTouch is offered with a robust API that is open and a powerful platform for software developers. This is fully configurable and customizable on a friendly GUI with a 7” touch screen to meet extendable applications with faster speeds and high compatibility, ideal for turnkey solutions for various applications and occasions.

Android 5.1 Linux OS 125KHz & 13.56MHz smart card NFC/BT mobile key Wire/wireless communication

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