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Multi-technologies 125KHz and 13.56MHz access control reader




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Cidron VG2 & VG3 series is a reader operating on both 125KHz and 13.56MHz which makes it ideal to use where several card populations with different RFID-technologies and/or frequencies should be used at the same time. Cidron VG2 & VG3 series allows for controlled upgrading of legacy RFID technologies utilizing 125KHz to a secure RFID technology such as MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2 which operates on 13.56MHz  and allows for AES128 encrypted communication between credential and reader. Cidron VG2 & VG3 series supports reading of 13.56MHz technologies, for instance, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus sector and MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2 application combined with 125KHz technologies such as Electromarine (EM4200) and Proximity.


Cidron VG2 & VG3 series compliants to encrypted BLE and ISO18092 NFC technologies for access control by mobile credential to instead of RFID smart cards.


Cidron VG2 & VG3 series features a contact card socket which is designed to read Secure Access Module's (SAM's) embedded on a SIM-card sized contact chip. Cidron VG2 & VG3 series is compatible with Mifare® SAM AV2 which gives the possibility to further increase the security of storing encryption keys (Evaluation Assurance Level, EAL5+) and also allows for diversification of encryption keys. Using diversified keys means that each card in the card population will have its own unique encryption key and not share the same encryption key across the whole card population.


The Cidron family openpath keypad reader is available both with - and without keypad. The version with keypad has backlit keys that is configurable to always be on, off or in auto mode which means that when a card is presented to the reader or a key is pressed the keypad will light up. The version without keypad has a symbol at the front of the reader which will be lit when a card is presented to a reader configured to auto mode.


The substantial LED frame provides visual indications to the user, the LED frame can indicate green, red or yellow. There is also an embedded buzzer that can be used for audible indications. The LED frame,backlight and buzzer can all be configured to indicate different operations and events using sound or light to communicate with the user. The indications can also be activated by external controls by using general purpose input/output's (GPIO's), for instance an individual reader can be configured to light up the LED frame in green or red by the fire alarm system depending on which GPIO the fire alarm system is connected to.


The Cidron family also includes a range of built-in accessories that facilitates installation, assist in complying with legislation and protects the reader from external factors. The Cidron family is designed for surface mounting but can also be fitted to standard European installation boxes.


With the array of communication protocols available in the Cidron reader it makes it extremely versatile and can be installed in most physical access control systems without any additional plug-in modules. The Open Supervised Device Protocol, OSDP is a bidirectional communication protocol developed by SIA (Security Industry Association) which provides continuous monitoring of the reader but if applied it also enables AES128 encrypted communication between the reader and the controller. This so called "Secure Channel" is available in Cidron readers.



· 3 in 1 timeless design reader in standard and slimline size

· BLE & IS018092 NFC for mobile ID access control by using smart phone

· 13.56MHz Mifare® Classic & Plus, DESFire® EV1/EV2

· 125KHz EM proximity card

· SAM AV2 for increase the security of storing encryption keys

· Wiegand and RS485 communication interface

· OSDP Secure Channel

· High compatible to third party controller


For developer

- Hardware testing package (HTP)

HTP is plug and play hardware testing, debug and upgrading package with all necessary accessories, software tool, configuration card to establish full testing environment for customer’s easy test, device configuration, fast development and software upgrade.



OEM & Customization Service

To make product stand out from the crowd, we offer the opportunity to profile your readers for increased recognition. OEM service to enable logo printing in single or full color. We also offer development customization service from hardware new features to software development.


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