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Campus management is more complex than ever before. A physical campus needs to manage a variety of elements like classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, dormitories, recreational facilities and school canteen or cafeteria equipped with new technologies for personal identification, access control, membership management and cashless payment. CT9 PRO is All-in-One access control and IoT smart terminal with customizable platform to meet various campus requirements.

Access Control

A physical campus has many different roles to be considered to juggle the needs of them, including students, faculty members and visitors etc. Consider different security levels and convenient methods, CT9 Pro support multiple identification technologies give the right access method for different roles, by using RFID smart card, or hand-free access with personal smart phone credential for regular students or faculties, one-time door opening QR Code for visitors, and encrypted secure card plus password for high security rooms.

CT9 Pro supports HTTP/HTTPs protocol to be controlled by server software in real time. It’s convenient for administrator to authorize access ID with an expiration. If an expired code is presented or incorrect location, CT9 Pro will deny the access and display “Access Denied with failure reason” and guide visitor to do following actions, ideal to manage online reservation and access control for swimming pool, a gym, and a tennis court. CT9 PRO comes with SDK to allow customer for 3rd party software integration and link to school database.

Time Attendance System in Schools

CT9 PRO supports HTTP/HTTPs communication to report attendance logs to server for remote server online time attendance management to track attendance for students, and allow faculty to easily track students attendance, all the logs such as absent/present/leave/late are in real time. Studend present smart card to enter/leave the school, CT9 Pro records entry/exit of students during specific operating hours and upload logs to server management software and send SMS message alert to notify parents. CT9 Pro also support customizable functions keys to records the leave reason to track the time for students and faculties.

Canteen & Cafeteria

CT9 PRO is intelligent for cashless payment to debit a charge on the students campus account for meal/buffet when they enter canteen via a barrier gate by using RFID smart card or mobile phone APP wallet. With 3.5” touch screen, CT9 PRO is intuitive to display students campus account balance when student check his account. It’s able to set valid date and time for the charge and access control, and each of CT9 PRO has its unique device address to identify the terminal for multiple terminals management in the system. CT9 PRO offers SDK with communication protocol to connect terminals to customer’s exsiting campus database.

CT9 PRO is with customizable function keys to set for its specific function and the amount to charge for each food type, such as lunch buffet, noodle bar, salad bar etc.

Campus Bus & Car Parking Managment

CT9 PRO supports 4G wireless communication for SMS alert. Student get on campus bus and read student card to pay for bus. When CT9 PRO read and send campus card ID to server software and active SMS alert to student parent. CT9 PRO is with build-in relays to control boom gate opener and visual indicator for car access control and payment for parking lot. With IP65 ratings, CT9 PRO is weather resistant to rain, dust, strong sunlight, ideal for rugged parking lots environments installations.

Customization Service

As manufacturer and designer of CT9 PRO, we offer customization service from hardware design to software to well meet CT9 PRO technologies integration into your turnstile device. Today the competition is very tough in many markets, making it increasingly more important to stand out from the crowd and therefore we also offer the opportunity to profile your access control devices for increased recognition. You can program your company LOGO to display on 3.5” touch screen or print LOGO on terminal body. This way, you get the readers to follow your or your customer’s graphic profile.