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Time Attendance & Workforce Management Solutions

Time attendance & workforce is to manage user archives, labor tracking, physical access, daily access & attendance recording, outside duty & business, etc. to increase workforce productivity and reduce administrative burden and operation costs by avoiding of resources waste in, over-staffing, and inefficient manual work and improve relation with labor using accurate and trust-able method of overtime work data management.

Civintec supply full range of time attendance terminals and readers which combines multiple identification methods to ensure the authorized user gain access right at the right time according to their job role and areas that they need to access, to avoid of uncontrolled people movement.

Multiple Identification Technologies

To facilitates appointment bookings, HOST/server remotely create and send a credential to visitor’s smart phone with valid date/time and location for the booking. CT9 PRO supports 5-in-1 multiple identification technologies to read and verify the time-limited QR Code, Pin code, BLE/NFC code or RFID card ID to access the restricted areas.CT9 PRO is designed with first-class QR code scanner module with wide scanning view, fast scanning speed and high sensitive to read older phone with low-resolution Code image for high-quality user experience. It also supports any combination of credentials, like QR code and/or Pincode to give high secure protection or flexible credential choose which can be created according to different visitors.

Wire & Wireless Time Attendance Terminal with Improved Access Control System

Civintec time attendance terminal provides wire and wireless communications, with TCP/IP connectivity and integrated PoE together with RJ45 port for less wiring and cost effective installation, and also provides wireless communication and flexible installation, do not require network infrastructure on site. You will have a bio-direction communication between Civintec terminal and your server to get all the data synchronize and remotely control access and time attendance management, ideal for real time control, with automate real-time data collection to make your system visible at all time and reports who and when open a particular door, who exactly is on site, and track the exact working time.

Cloud Management System

CT9 PRO is All-in-One Linux HTTP access control & IoT terminal to build cloud server centralized & remote control solutions. It features with wireless 4G, WiFi communication, flexible and unlimited for various installation occasions without huge infrastructure to client. It supports TCP/IP Ethernet HTTP/HTTPs for both LAN and Internet Cloud Server Software, with PoE (Power Over Ethernet) for less wiring and lost cost installation.

As online reader, CT9 PRO use GET/POST command via standard HTTP/HTTPs to get bio-direction communication between CT9 PRO and third party cloud server. It works as CLIENT to automatically detect if server is online running. When CT9 PRO establishes a connection with the cloud server, it can automatically receive HTTP commands from the cloud server or actively send HTTP commands to the cloud server. Each device with MAC address to avoid of IP conflict for smart devices remote management under internet.

CT9 PRO is with embedded relay control, it can work as cloud server management terminal and also standalone control terminal to control lock, light and facilities. CT9 PRO has HOST mode or Local mode for selection to meet different system platform integration.

▶  HOST Mode
▶ Local Mode

CT9 PRO HOST mode provides fully cloud server remote control in real time.
Server software remotely get user/visitor’s ID and check the permissions,

send commands to activate CT9 PRO relay and control screen to display

specific image with TEXT for intuitive guide.

CT9 PRO Local mode provide device locally control application.
It is with large

memory locally to store user/visitor’s ID and read to check the permissions

to activate the relay locally, with 4G, WiFi or TCP/IP to synchronize the event logs

to server.

Weather-resistant PROtection

Civintec time attendance devices are designed by IP65 waterproof and resistant to UV and weathering, ideal for outdoor use, ultra low temperature and various kinds of harsh usage environments.