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CIVINTEC Global is a world leading developer and manufacturer of contactless smart card terminals and devices, established in 2006. The company brand CIVINTEC® is worldwide registered. We are dedicated in development of contactless identification devices combined with biometric and versatile innovative technologies, for secure access control, time attendance, personal identification and membership management solutions.

With professional R&D center for over 12 years, we are aiming to become the best technical service company in the world on designing and manufacturing of smart card reader devices. CIVINTEC provides cost effective OEM/ODM technical services for product customization based on a technical platform designed to support all kind of RF-ID and interface technologies. We design products with state of the art technologies to cater to clients’ requirement and to make them competitive and advanced on the market

CIVINTEC Product Range

CIVINTEC Global has extensive product range with innovative technologies, and constantly develop new flagship product and upgrade new features to make CIVINTEC client’s solutions competitive.

· Contactless identification smart card readers,
· Access Control & T/A terminals and systems
· Multi-purpose intelligent terminals and systems
· Biometric terminal and systems
· Handheld terminals and systems
· Embedded OS with professional software, Linux, Android +

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CIVINTEC Partner Program

The Partner Program is one of CIVINTEC core business strategy to set up partnership with OEMs, System Integrators, Solution Developers aimed to make business and strength combination to provide market-oriented and competitive solutions for versatile niche market applications. We always enjoy win-win success on markets with our partners together.

· Distributor/Reseller Partner Program
· Software Partner Program
· Industry Cooperation Partner

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