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CN8-SDK is software development kit for embedded GUI software development by C++ / C language, and use Qtopia 4.7.0 framework and Qt-Creator development tool. It includes Development Tools, Cross-compiler, Dynamic Library, API, Demo Software, User Manual, Peripheral Operation Examples and System Upgrade Kit.


CN8-SDK also offer Host Demo and API for fingerprint and comprehensive cards as MIFARE plus® and MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 etc. and NFC technology. It supports quick system upgrading by SD card and can be easily debug via UART port to greatly ease user’s application development.




● Demo application program source code to ease your development and save your time & cost
● Robust and powerful informative API and DLL to support NFC and multi RFID card as MIFARE®, MIFARE Plus®, MIFARE®

   DESFire® EV1,ISO14443A/B compatible cards and Sony Felica
● Robust fingerprint API to realize fingerprint module operations as fingerprint registration, scanning, fingerprint data & image

   collection & management, encryption and fake fingerprint data verification, even module reset, configuration information

● Examples for good reference and understanding
● Abundant development tool and cross-compiling chain
● Large capacity SD card ease system upgrade

● Host Demo, a software testing tool to ease development
● One time purchase and free charge upgrade forever