Leading OEM/ODM Manufacturer Smart Card & Security Solution

BoneID Embedded is intelligent access control time attendance software solution worked on uTouch. 7’’ Touch screen with intuitive menu make a perfect user experience for convenient and easy operation. With integrated user management, it supports NFC, Contactless card and Biometric security to meet various combination of security level and each transaction with user picture to avoid unauthorized access for security and flexible use.
BoneID Net is PC intelligent Access Control software based on RFID & biometric authentication to control network of Civintec devices. It’s easy operation suitable for small-to-large sized organizations. BoneID Express is time attendance software module integrated into BoneID Net. It can be simply used by one-click solution to literally get complete monthly T&A report for all users.





 ● Standalone/Network or server management Solution for unlimited number of users
 ● Easily manage hundreds of transactions directly on the device no need of any PC software
 ● Support various types of access levels to enhance security
 ● 4 Customizable job code for In/Out manage
 ● Each event record stores actual user picture to prevent misuse of card
 ● Flexible data transmission via TCP/IP port, or Wi-Fi, GPRS for wireless communication
 ● Customizable Skin and LOGO and easy setting for all parameters by one touch
 ● Multi-language software supports most common world languages and is simply to translate into any language
 ● Supports Multi- languages and easy to translate to user language
 ● Flexible and extendible IP based system & easy integration with third-party software
 ● Capable of managing most complex environments due to regions and sites grouping

 ● Fast speed to complete full T&A functionalities like custom reports, worked hours, late arrivals, etc
 ● Automated reports can be sent to e-mails and data can be exported to other complex T&A or payroll systems


BoneID is the partner APP software, sorted and specialized for access control, time attendance and visitor management, from the European company EDGE Group under CIVINTEC’s uTouch Partner Program.