Leading OEM/ODM Manufacturer Smart Card & Security Solution


CRYSTAL is versatile smart card reader with complete reader functionality and flexible features in perfect combination of reading technologies and communication choices, optimally designed for access control security in commercial, hospitals, universities, sports stadiums, retails, finance, high security objects and residential. The rough and elegant design reader is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.



Touch screen & friendly indications - With high sensitive touch screen, newly designed CRYSTAL reader present different states and activities with text and symbols in combination.


Advanced secure - CRYSTAL support CSN and/or encrypted protected data from 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards with one or more SAM modules for secure data encryption when encrypted authentication is needed.


3-Authentication- CRYSTAL support secure level dual authentication of identity supported through combined contactless card or NFC-Smartphone presentation and entry of personal identification number (PIN) through touch keypad.


Universal compatibility - CRYSTAL offer universal compatibility with most access control systems, which provide multiple communication interfaces built in such as Weigand 26 – 128 and RS 485 OSDP.


Protection against destruction - To protect against tampering, tamper alarm can activate local output on reader and transmit as a command to overall unit accorded to actual protocol specification.