Leading OEM/ODM Manufacturer Smart Card & Security Solution


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    ISO Card

    13.56MHz RF Contactless ISO Card

    Outstanding R/O or R/W function ISO card based on multi RF technology

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    13.56MHz RF Contactless keyfob

    High Performance R/O or R/W RF Keyfob in multi design

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    Clamshell Card

    13.56MHz Contactless Clamshell Card

    Durable & Lost Cost R/O or R/W Clamshell Card

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    Smart Label

    13.56MHz RF Contactless Smart label

    Multi RF technology smart label in differnt type & size, design for various standard readers and systems

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    13.56MHz contactless Wristband

    wristband is a transponder consisting of a chip and a coil-antenna in the robust plastic material

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    Electric Bolt

    Fail safe electric bolt W/signal, time, open wire(12-24V)

    Photoelectric control type cryogenic electric mortise lock

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    Magnetic Lock

    Single Door Magnetic Lock(LED)

    single door electric lock is for glass door, wooden door, fireproof door, sliding door and metal door

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    Emergency Botton

    Break Glass Fire Emergency Exit Release

    Door release buttons are the most common and the most frequently used in the access control systems.