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The download center will help you locate the latest version of user manual and provide you with the download links in direct way. Please use the links to check and/or download our latest documentation (most files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format). The page will only show the latest version here. If you have any question, please contact our technical support team!

NumberDocument NameApplicable ProductsVersionDate Download
5EL105Reader Module - EL105_2ST EPW26&EPW42V1.1Jan-19-2014
6EL107Reader Module - EL107 seriesV1.0Jan-19-2014
9EL3XX(2S)Access Reader - EL366, EL368, EL387 and EL390-0 (inteface: RS232,WG26(34,42),ABA1/2,C&D8/10V1.0Jan-19-2014
10EL3XX(4S)Access Reader - EL366, EL368, EL387, EL390-0, EL392-0 (Interface: RS485, WG26-56,ABA1/2,C&D)V1.0Jan-19-2014
12EL390-1Access Reader - EL390-1(2S), EL390-1(4S)V1.0Jan-19-2014
13EL392Access Reader - EL392(2S)V1.0Jan-19-2014
14EL3XXAAccess Reader - EL3XXA-X-XXv1.0Jan-19-2014
16CV3XXXReader Module - CV3XXX(T)-X, CV3601AT-2, CV3XXXM-X, CV3XX0A-3-X0, CV3XXX(P)T-XV1.0Jan-19-2014
17CN3XXXReader Module - CN3XXS-U, CN3XX-UV2.0Jan-19-2014
18CV5XXXAccess Reader - CV5600SDES-X-XX, CV5600DES-X-XX, CV5500-X-XX, CV5100DES-X-XXV2.3Jan-19-2014
19CV5XXXA-X-XXAccess Reader - CV5XXXA-X-XX seriesV1.0Jan-19-2014
21CN6XXXDesktop Reader - CN6XX(S)-X, CN6XX-2 seriesV2.0Jan-19-2014
24CV9600(S)/EL500Terminal - CV9600(S)-X-XC CV9600(S)-X-XF CV9600T(S)-X-XC CV9600T(S)-X-XF EL500-X-XC EL500-X-XF EL500T-X-XC EL500T-X-XFV1.4Jan-20-2014
25CV9600(S)/EL500-X-2BTerminal - CV9600(S)-X-2B EL500-X-2B CV9600(S-)-X-0D CV9600(S-)-X-0EV1.0Jan-20-2014
26CV9601T(S)/EL501TTerminal - CV9601T(S)-X-XF EL501T-X-XFV1.0Jan-20-2014
27CN870Terminal - CN870V1.9May-05-2015
28TCP/IPAccessory - Parameter Configuration UserManual for TCPIPV1.2Jan-20-2014
29CN880Terminal - CN880V2.3.1May-05-2015
31CN56X0B-User ManualAccess Reader - CN56X0B-User ManualV3.01Apr-18-2017
32CH31 user manualReader Module - CH3X(S)-XV1.4Jun-26-2015
33HTP7AHardware Testing PackageV 1.0May-14-2015
34HTP8AHardware debug and testing package for CH3X(S)-XV 1.0May-14-2015
35HTP6 Hardware Testing Package V1.0May-15-2015
36uHTPHardware Testing Package-CN870V1.1Aug-03-2015
37uHTP2Hardware Testing Package-CN880V1.0Oct-29-2015